.36 Water Supply.

A. Water Supply. A center shall be served by water from an approved public water supply. If an approved public water supply is not available, a private water supply may be used if the Department of the Environment approves the source in accordance with COMAR 26.04.02.

B. Loss of Water Supply. The center shall establish written emergency procedures that enable the center to have water in all essential areas in the event of the loss of the normal water supply.

C. Adequacy of Water Pressure. The water supply shall be adequate in quantity and be delivered under sufficient pressure to satisfactorily serve fixtures in the center. A minimum pressure of 15 pounds per square inch shall be maintained at top floor fixtures during peak demand period.

D. Water Temperature. The water heating equipment shall supply adequate amounts of water as follows:

(1) Washing, bathing, and other personal use, not more than 120F or less than 100F; and

(2) Food preparation, in conformance with COMAR 10.15.03.