.34 Bathrooms.

A. General Requirements.

(1) Bathrooms shall be located not more than 30 feet from the primary activity areas.

(2) The center shall provide at least one toilet and one hand-washing sink for every 10 participants. Additional toilets and hand-washing sinks may be required based upon the toileting needs of the participants.

(3) Bathrooms shall be accessible to individuals in compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

(4) The center shall provide individual paper towels, a trash receptacle, soap, and toilet paper in bathrooms at all times. These supplies and equipment shall be accessible to participants at all times.

(5) Space and equipment shall be provided in bathrooms, to maintain privacy while cleaning or changing the clothing of participants.

B. Change of Clothes. The center shall make arrangements with the family or residential caregiver to store a set of clothing at the center for use if a participant becomes incontinent during his or her stay at the center.

C. Drinking water may not be obtained from a bathroom.