.30 Furniture, Furnishings, and Supplies.

A. Furniture.

(1) The furniture in a center shall be:

(a) Appropriate for use by individuals with disabilities;

(b) Sturdy and secure so that it cannot easily tip when used for support while walking or seated;

(c) Designed so that it is used easily by individuals with limited agility, permitting feet to rest on the floor and having armrests; and

(d) Clean, safe, and in good repair.

(2) The center shall have sufficient furniture for the entire participant population. Straight-backed chairs with armrests shall be available for use by participants during activities and meal times.

(3) The center shall have at least:

(a) One chair for each participant and each staff member;

(b) Adequate table space for all participants;

(c) Reclining lounge chairs, the number to be determined by the needs and numbers of participants; and

(d) A bed for medical examinations and for temporary holdover for participants who become ill or upset.

B. Furnishings.

(1) Floor Coverings. All rugs and floor coverings shall be secured to the floor to eliminate tripping hazards.

(2) All equipment and furnishings shall be in good condition and safe for use by participants and staff.

C. Equipment and Supplies.

(1) The center shall provide equipment to encourage active participation and group interaction. The materials shall reflect the interests and backgrounds of the participants.

(2) Environmental aids and supplies for activities of daily living shall be provided as required by the participant's needs and the goals of the center.