.29 Emergency Preparedness.

A. The center shall develop an emergency and disaster plan that includes policies and procedures that shall be followed before, during, and after an emergency or disaster, including:

(1) The safe management of individuals who are receiving services at the adult medical day care center when an emergency occurs;

(2) Notification of families, staff and licensing authorities regarding the action that will be taken concerning the safety and well-being of the participants;

(3) Staff coverage, organization, and assignment of responsibilities; and

(4) The continuity of operations, including procedures to secure access to essential goods, equipment, and services to sustain operation.

B. A center is solely responsible for any financial obligation arising from voluntary or mandatory activation of any aspect of the emergency plan developed by the center under this regulation.

C. This regulation does not prohibit an adult medical day care center from applying for and receiving reimbursement:

(1) Under any applicable insurance policy; or

(2) From any state or federal funds that may be available due to a declared state or federal emergency.

D. For purposes of coordinating local emergency planning efforts a center shall provide access to the emergency plans developed under this regulation to local organizations for emergency management.

E. The center shall provide OHCQ a contact phone number, providing direct access to the center or centerís representative that shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

F. Evacuation Plans. The center shall conspicuously post individual floor plans with designated evacuation routes on each floor.

G. Orientation and Drills.

(1) The licensee shall:

(a) Orient staff to the emergency and disaster plan and to their individual responsibilities within 24 hours of the commencement of job duties; and

(b) Document completion of the orientation in the staff member's personnel file through the signature of the employee.

(2) Fire Drills.

(a) The center shall conduct fire drills at least quarterly on all shifts.

(b) Documentation. The center shall:

(i) Document completion of each drill; and

(ii) Maintain the documentation on file for a minimum of 2 years.

(3) Semiannual Disaster Drill.

(a) The center shall conduct a semiannual emergency and disaster drill on all shifts during which it practices evacuating participants or sheltering in-place so that each is practiced at least one time a year.

(b) The drills may be conducted via a table-top exercise if the program can demonstrate that moving participants will be harmful to the participants.

(c) Documentation. The center shall:

(i) Document completion of each disaster drill or training session;

(ii) Have all staff who participated in the drill or training sign the document;

(iii) Document any opportunities for improvement as identified as a result of the drill; and

(iv) Keep the documentation on file for a minimum of 2 years.

(4) The licensee shall cooperate with the local emergency management agency in emergency planning, training, and drills and in the event of an actual emergency.