.27 Transportation.

A. The center shall provide or arrange transportation to enable participants to attend the center and to participate in activity outings, medical appointments, or other participant required services.

B. The center and its staff shall operate vehicles in accordance with all applicable federal, State, and local requirements.

C. A participant may not be in transit for more than 1 hour without an opportunity for a rest stop:

(1) For a period of 2 years after the final adoption of Regulation .14A(1)(a) of this chapter; and

(2) Two years after the final adoption of Regulation .14A (1)(a) of this chapter, the center shall utilize the ADCAPS to determine the length of time a participant may be in transit without a rest stop.

D. A participant may not be brought to or left at the center when staff is not present.

E. A participant may not be left in a vehicle when staff is not present, except when the driver is assisting participants to and from their residences and the driver is within eyesight of the vehicle.

F. Centers shall promote and manage vehicle safety, driver safety, accident control and reporting, and driver corrective action efforts.

G. A driver may not leave a participant at a home until the participant is met at the home or enters the home.

H. If assistance is needed due to the participantís documented mobility limitations, a driver shall assist the participant to their home.

I. Driver Training.

(1) The center shall provide driver training to all employees who are expected to operate motor vehicles as part of their official responsibilities.

(2) The following topics shall be included in the driver training:

(a) Review of State vehicle law;

(b) Approaches for defensive driving; and

(c) Control of aggressive driver behavior.

J. The center shall assure that activities and field trips are staffed in accordance with participant needs as documented in the ADCAPS.