.25 Reports and Actions Required in Unusual Occurrences.

A. The center shall immediately report an occurrence such as a communicable disease or food-borne outbreak, poisoning, death, fire, use of restraints or other unusual incident that threatens the health or safety of any participant or staff member to:

(1) The Office of Health Care Quality;

(2) The local health officer, as required by law;

(3) Participant; and

(4) Family and, if applicable, guardian.

B. The center shall document the incident in the participant's medical record or the staff member's personnel file, if applicable.

C. Staff shall report cases of abuse, neglect, self-neglect, or exploitation of participants to the:

(1) Local police;

(2) Department; and

(3) Local department of social services.

D. If a participant becomes a danger to self or others the center shall, as appropriate, contact the local emergency system or immediately notify the participant's licensed or certified professional health care provider and the participant's family or caregiver.