.24 Discharge.

A. Before a center discharges a participant, the center shall:

(1) Formulate a discharge plan, including at least a 30-day written advance notice to the participant or the participant's responsible party; and

(2) Assist the participant in obtaining the resources needed to implement the plan.

B. The 30-day written notice of discharge specified in žA of this regulation is not required when:

(1) The health or safety of the participant or other individuals in the center would be endangered by the continued presence of the participant;

(2) The participant has urgent medical needs; or

(3) There is an emergency requiring less than 30 days notice.

C. In circumstances described in §B(1), (2) or (3) of this regulation, the center shall provide written notice of discharge as soon as practicable before discharge.

D. The center shall document in the participant's discharge summary the reasons for discharge and the center or location to which the participant was discharged.