.21 Comprehensive Assessments.

A. The participant shall receive a comprehensive assessment (ADCAPS) that is designed to evaluate the participant's strengths and needs. A registered nurse shall complete the initial assessment within 30 days of a participant's admission and every 120 days thereafter as long as there is no change in the participant's condition. The assessment shall include:

(1) Health status;

(2) Functional status;

(3) Participation in activities;

(4) Nutritional status;

(5) Psychosocial status; and

(6) Home management skills.

B. Regardless of the schedule in §A of this regulation, the licensed or certified professional health care provider shall complete a reassessment by the end of the participant's next day of attendance when any significant change in the participant's condition occurs. The practitioner shall perform a follow-up evaluation of any significant change, and document the evaluation in the participant's medical record.