.19 First-Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.

A. At least one staff member who is trained in first aid and in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) shall be on-site at the center when participants are in attendance, during outings, medical appointments or during transportation of participants.

B. At least one staff member who is trained in CPR and first aid shall accompany participants taken outside of the center for outings and other activities.

C. First aid administered by staff shall be limited to that necessary to preserve life or to prevent further immediate danger.

D. Staff shall receive first aid and CPR training from a certified provider approved by the Department. Recertification shall be obtained according to the guidelines of the certified provider.

E. The center shall have adequate first aid supplies available for treating shock, burns, and small, medium, and large wounds.

F. On a 90-day basis, staff shall inspect first aid supplies in the center and in the vehicle or vehicles used for transporting participants. Expiration dates of supplies and the maintenance of supplies at the required levels shall be included in the inspection. The findings of the inspection shall be documented at least quarterly.

G. Supplies with an expired date shall be replaced immediately.

H. The center shall conspicuously post a chart clearly describing first aid and emergency medical treatment techniques and the names and phone numbers of health care providers, ambulances, and medical facilities.