.11 Preadmission Assessment.

A. Before admission, the center shall obtain a written assessment from the prospective participant's health care provider, who shall certify that the information provided reflects the individual's health status within 45 days of the individual's admission. Upon request and for good cause shown, the Department may grant an exception to all or part of the preadmission assessment.

B. Written Assessment. The health care provider's assessment shall include:

(1) Recent medical history, including any acute medical condition or hospitalization;

(2) Significant medical conditions affecting function, including the individual's ability for self-care, cognition, physical conditions, and behavioral and psychosocial status;

(3) Other active and significant chronic or acute medical diagnoses;

(4) Known allergies to medications, environment, and food;

(5) Medical confirmation that the individual is free from communicable disease and other active reportable airborne diseases;

(6) Current and other needed medications and treatments and the ability of the individual to self-medicate or self-treat;

(7) Information of advanced directives for health care;

(8) Current nutritional status including height, weight, risk factors, and deficits;

(9) Diets ordered by the health care provider;

(10) Medically necessary limitations or precautions; and

(11) Monitoring or performance of tests after admission.