.09 Administration.

A. Governing Body. The governing body shall establish and maintain sound operating procedures, including:

(1) Maintenance of an identifiable administrative unit, headed by a director who is responsible for the overall conduct of all center activities;

(2) Adoption of an annual budget; and

(3) Provision of staff capable of performing the center's program.

B. Goals. The center shall have documentation of its philosophy and goals and the services to be provided. The services to be provided by the center shall be reflective of the populations served.

C. Policies and Procedures. The governing body shall establish policies and procedures for the center, including:

(1) Admissions;

(2) Discharges;

(3) Fees;

(4) Health care;

(5) Hours of operation;

(6) Personnel;

(7) Plans for emergencies, disasters, and epidemics;

(8) Use of consultants;

(9) Relationships with other agencies and care providers;

(10) Documentation and accounting procedures for medications released into the community;

(11) Quality assurance; and

(12) Other policies as necessary

D. The center shall provide OHCQ a contact phone number, providing direct access to the center or centerís representative that shall be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

E. The governing body shall review all policies annually and make revisions as necessary. A Registered Nurse shall assist in the review process and in developing health policies and providing other services as indicated.