.07 Inspection by the Department.

A. Center Open for Inspection.

(1) A licensed center and any premises proposed to be operated as a center shall be open at all reasonable times to announced or unannounced inspections by the Department and by any agency designated by the Department.

(2) Any part of the center, and any surrounding accessory buildings, are considered part of the center and are subject to inspection.

B. Records and Reports.

(1) A licensee shall maintain records and make reports as required by the Department.

(2) The records and reports shall be open to inspection by the Department or any agency designated by the Department.

(3) On request, a licensee shall immediately provide copies of records and reports, policies and procedures, including medical records of current participants, participants discharged within the last 6 months, personnel records of current staff, and those records and reports relating to quality assurance activities to the Department or any agency designated by the Department.

(4) All other records and reports may be stored off-site, but shall be available to the Department within 24 hours of request.

(5) If requested, the Department shall reimburse the licensee for the reasonable costs of copying the records and reports.