.04 Licensing Procedure.

A. Letter of Interest.

(1) A person desiring to obtain initial licensure for an adult day care center shall submit a letter of interest to the Office of Health Care Quality that contains the following:

(a) Policies and procedures that address medical record completion and retention, the administration and storage of medications, nutrition services, social work support, employee criminal background checks, transportation of participants and participant activities;

(b) Identification of the individual or individuals or business entity that will own and operate the adult medical day care program;

(c) The job description and qualifications for each position;

(d) The projected hours of operation, daily census, and the staffing plan that addresses both licensed and non-licensed staff coverage; and

(e) Verification that the structural design plans for the proposed adult medical day care program have been forwarded to the Departmentís Plans Review and Approval Unit.

(2) An application for licensure may not be accepted by the Department until the information submitted in the letter of interest is reviewed and approved.

(3) A letter of interest is not required for licensees seeking renewal.

(4) Upon approval of the letter of interest, an application for licensure shall be submitted on the form developed by the Department.

B. Investigation of Application. The Department's authorized representative shall interview the prospective licensee and inspect the proposed center.

C. Issuance of License. When the Department determines that the center has submitted a complete application, and that the center is in compliance with this chapter, the Department shall issue a license to operate the center.

D. Conditions and Limitations of License. The following conditions and limitations apply to a center's license:

(1) A license shall be issued for a 2-year period,

(2) The Department may perform a periodic re-inspection of the center at any time;

(3) A license may not be transferable or assignable from place to place or from one person to another;

(4) The licensee shall notify the Department of any change of ownership, and the new owner shall apply to the Department for a license; and

(5) The number of participants cared for at any one time in a center may not exceed the licensed capacity of the center.

E. Return of License. The current license shall become void immediately and the licensee shall return the license to the Secretary if the center:

(1) Is sold or leased;

(2) Ceases to operate for more than 30 consecutive days;

(3) Moves to a new permanent location;

(4) Has its license denied, suspended or revoked; or

(5) Changes its Ownership