.09 Emergency Services.

A. Basic Life Support. Licensed personnel employed by the facility shall have certification in basic life support. A licensed staff individual trained in basic life support shall be on duty whenever there is a patient in the facility.

B. The facility shall have:

(1) A registered nurse available on site for emergency treatment whenever there is a post-operative surgical abortion patient in the facility; and

(2) At least one physician available by phone 24 hours a day to respond to emergency situations.

C. When sedation or general anesthesia is administered, the facility shall have at least the following emergency equipment available to the procedure rooms:

(1) Oxygen;

(2) Mechanical ventilatory assistance including airways and manual breathing bag;

(3) Automated external defibrillator (AED);

(4) Equipment to monitor blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels;

(5) Suction equipment; and

(6) Emergency medical equipment and supplies specified by the medical staff.

D. When general anesthesia is administered, a facility shall have available in the procedure room:

(1) Laryngoscopes;

(2) Endotracheal tubes; and

(3) Cardiac monitoring equipment.