.05 Model System.

The Department shall establish and maintain a model system to provide for the implementation of an early identification program and follow-up of newborns and infants who have or are at risk for developing a permanent hearing status that affects speech-language skills and includes the following components:

A. Educational materials;

B. Telephone resource line;

C. Department database to gather and maintain program data;

D. A service referral directory;

E. In-service training of hospitals, local health departments, and local education agencies;

F. Referral to appropriate agency or professional for services;

G. Program monitoring and review;

H. Confidentiality of records and information in accordance with Health-General Article, §§4-101 and 4-301 4-309, Annotated Code of Maryland; and

I. Continuum of follow-up which includes:

(1) Contacting the primary care provider in writing or by telephone to verify the status of the infant;

(2) Contacting parents or guardians in writing or by telephone to facilitate referral for diagnostic audiological assessment and referral for appropriate services; and

(3) Interfacing with the single point of entry for the early intervention system.