.01 General.

A. Requirement. A person required to obtain and maintain a license as set forth under COMAR 10.10.03 shall pay the appropriate fees as set forth in this chapter.

B. A person shall submit a licensing fee in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Maryland Department of Health.

C. Fees. Fees include but are not limited to the following:

(1) Amend an unexpired permit — $50;

(2) Replace a lost permit — $30;

(3) Provide a copy of COMAR 10.10.01—.10.10.09, "Medical Laboratories" — as provided under COMAR 10.01.08; and

(4) For the Department to conduct out-of-State, on-site surveys of a laboratory seeking or maintaining a license to test specimens of a type and in a scientific field of study for which there is no national certification, for example, the subdiscipline of job-related testing of hair for drugs of abuse — full cost to the Department.

D. Public Health Laboratory. A public health laboratory, as defined in COMAR, is exempt from paying fees under this chapter.

E. Fee Waiver. The Secretary may waive all licensing fees for a:

(1) Municipal or county health department; or

(2) Governmental agency that receives funding to operate from the State.

F. Payment of Prorated Fees. A licensee issued a letter of exception or a permit at a time other than at the beginning of a regulatory cycle shall pay a letter of exception or permit fee based on the total number of full plus partial months remaining in a regulatory cycle on the date a permit or letter of exception is issued.

G. Refunds and Credits. The Secretary may not issue a refund or credit or return any licensing application fees to a laboratory that:

(1) Withdraws a licensing application;

(2) Replaces a permit with a letter of exception; or

(3) Voluntarily or involuntarily ceases to operate or reduces or limits a testing service before a license expires.

H. Failure to Pay Fees. The Secretary may not issue a new license or issue a renewed license until all outstanding fees are paid.