.03 Requirements.

A. A hospital eligible to make presumptive eligibility decisions shall:

(1) Participate as a Maryland Medical Assistance Program provider in good standing; and

(2) Sign an agreement prepared by the Department.

B. The agreement required under §A of this regulation shall require that the hospital:

(1) Comply with Departmental policies and procedures supplied by the Department at the time of application and training;

(2) Meet accuracy and timeliness standards established by the Department;

(3) Submit a list to the Department of hospital employees who will attend presumptive eligibility training developed by the Department;

(4) Prohibit employees who have not attended required trainings and passed a post-training test to make presumptive eligibility decisions; and

(5) Report all requested information on a form designated by the Department.

C. Before assisting an applicant in filing a presumptive eligibility application, the hospital employee shall:

(1) Check the Departmentís eligibility verification system to make sure the individual is not actively enrolled in the Maryland Medical Assistance Program;

(2) Provide information concerning the full Medical Assistance application process to the individual applying for presumptive eligibility and assist or refer the applicant to an individual who can assist the applicant in completing a full Medical Assistance application;

(3) Determine that the applicant has not:

(a) Had a prior presumptive eligibility period within the last 12 months for the individual other than pregnant women; or

(b) Had a prior presumptive eligibility period during the current pregnancy for a pregnant woman.

D. The hospital employee shall fill out the presumptive eligibility application based on information supplied by the applicant.

E. The hospital employee shall make a presumptive eligibility decision and sign the presumptive eligibility application based on the following information obtained pursuant to COMAR

(1) Residency;

(2) Citizenship;

(3) Family size and composition; and

(4) Gross family income.

F. The hospital employee shall inform the individual in writing of the hospitalís presumptive eligibility decision which includes an explanation of the presumptive eligibility period.

G. The hospital shall submit the presumptive eligibility application to the Department on the date of application completion to allow the individual to have temporary Medical Assistance coverage.

H. The hospital shall:

(1) Keep all written and signed presumptive eligibility applications on file for 6 years; and

(2) Make the file available to the Department upon request.