.06 Prescription Drug Benefit Subsidy.

A. The Program shall:

(1) Provide a prescription drug benefit subsidy, as determined by the Department, that may pay all or some of the deductibles, coinsurance payments, premiums, and copayments under the federal Medicare Part D Pharmaceutical Assistance Program for enrollees of the Program; and

(2) Provide the subsidy to the maximum number of individuals eligible for enrollment in the Program, subject to the money available in the Program Fund.

B. The Program may annually provide an additional subsidy, up to the full amount of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan premium, for individuals who qualify for a partial federal low-income subsidy.

C. The Department shall determine annually:

(1) The number of individuals to be enrolled in the Program;

(2) The amount of subsidy to be provided under §A of this regulation; and

(3) The amount of any additional subsidy provided under §B of this regulation.