.04 Administrator.

A. Administrator Contract. The Administrator and the Department shall execute an Administrator contract specifying the terms under which the Administrator shall operate the Program, including but not limited to an agreement by the Administrator to:

(1) Provide the prescription drug benefit subsidies described in Regulation .06 of this chapter;

(2) Submit a detailed quarterly financial accounting of the Program, including the identification of all revenue and cost items to the Department;

(3) Develop and implement a marketing plan designed to notify eligible individuals throughout the State of the existence and eligibility criteria for the Program; and

(4) Collect and submit to the Department, data regarding the costs for program enrollees.

B. Program Operation. The Administrator shall operate the Program in a manner consistent with:

(1) The terms of this chapter;

(2) The Administrator contract governing operation of the Program that is executed between the Department and the Administrator; and

(3) All applicable federal and State law.

C. Prescription Drug Benefit Subsidies. The Administrator shall pay to prescription drug plan sponsors the subsidy payments that the Program has agreed to make on behalf of member enrollees of the prescription drug plan sponsors.