.03 Outreach Program.

A. The Department shall develop and implement an outreach program targeted at eligible individuals.

B. The Department shall publicize the existence and eligibility requirements of the Program through the following entities:

(1) The Department of Aging;

(2) Local health departments;

(3) Continuing care retirement communities;

(4) Places of worship;

(5) Civic organizations;

(6) Community pharmacies; and

(7) Any other entity that the Department determines is appropriate.

C. The Department of Aging, through its Senior Health Insurance Program, shall:

(1) Assist eligible individuals in applying for coverage under the Program; and

(2) Provide notice of the Program and its eligibility requirements to potentially eligible individuals who seek health insurance counseling services through the Department of Aging.

D. The Department shall ensure that the entities used to publicize the existence of the Program under §B of this regulation, have sufficient Program applications and enrollment materials for distribution.

E. Mail-In Application.

(1) The Department shall develop a mail-in application for the Program.

(2) The Administrator shall make available mail-in applications to eligible individuals.

F. Any outreach performed by the Department on behalf of the Program shall be funded through the Program Fund.