.16 Covered Services — Respite Care.

A. Respite care:

(1) Shall consist of one-on-one interventions with the participant;

(2) Shall be rendered by a qualified:

(a) Professional who meets the qualifications in Regulation .07B of this chapter; or

(b) Direct care worker who is supervised by a qualified professional;

(3) Shall include assistance with activities of daily living provided to participants who are unable to care for themselves;

(4) Shall be furnished on a short-term basis because of the absence of or need for relief of the participant's family that normally provides the care;

(5) Shall be provided in the participant's home or place of residence, or community setting, not including a residential habilitation facility;

(6) May be provided in a youth camp certified by the Maryland Department of Health under COMAR 10.16.06; and

(7) May be provided in a site licensed to accommodate individuals for respite care by the Developmental Disabilities Administration.

B. Respite care may not:

(1) Be available for participants receiving residential habilitation services;

(2) Include the direct care worker's or the participant's room and board; or

(3) Be rendered by a participant's parent.

C. A unit of service is a 30-minute increment of service rendered to a participant by a qualified provider in the participantís home or a community setting.