.07 Specific Conditions for Provider Participation — Senior Center Plus.

To participate in the program as a provider of Senior Center Plus services under this chapter a provider shall:

A. Be approved and monitored by the Maryland Department of Aging as a nutrition service provider;

B. Meet all local and State requirements to operate as a nutrition site, which include but are not limited to inspection and approval of the facility by the local fire marshal, periodic fire drills, and inspection and approval by the local sanitarian to assure compliance with health department requirements for food service facilities;

C. Assure that the facility provides an accessible environment, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), 28 CFR Part 36;

D. Maintain adequate records on participants, including progress notes and outcomes;

E. Provide at least one staff person per eight clients, with additional staffing if required by the Maryland Department of Aging depending on participants' functional levels;

F. Employ as the center's manager or in another staff position an individual who:

(1) Is a licensed health professional or a licensed social worker;

(2) Has at least 3 years’ experience in direct patient care at an adult day care center, nursing facility, or health-related facility; and

(3) Participates in training specified and approved by the Maryland Department of Aging;

G. Provide Senior Center Plus services to participants at least 4 hours a day, 1 or more days a week on a regularly scheduled basis, in an out-of-home, outpatient setting;

H. Serve at least one nutritional meal per day that:

(1) Is prepared in a licensed food service establishment;

(2) Meets at least 1/3 of the daily recommended dietary allowance; and

(3) Does not constitute a full nutritional regimen of three meals per day;

I. Serve snacks, as desired by the participants, when the day program exceeds 6 hours; and

J. Have menus reviewed and approved quarterly by a registered dietitian for nutritional adequacy.