.02 Participant Eligibility.

A recipient is eligible to participate in Service Coordination for Children with Disabilities if:

A. The individual is enrolled as a waiver participant in accordance with the requirements of COMAR 10.09.56 and this chapter; or

B. The following requirements are met:

(1) The recipient, for whom free and appropriate education is provided under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, is 2 through 20 years old;

(2) An IEP team determines that the recipient is a child with disabilities who:

(a) Is eligible for special education and related services, and

(b) Needs an IEP;

(3) The recipient elects, or the recipient's parent elects on the recipient's behalf, to receive the services available under this chapter;

(4) The recipient is not receiving similar case management services under §1915(c) or (g) of Title XIX of the Social Security Act; and

(5) The recipient is not a resident of any of the facilities that receive Medicaid reimbursement for residential services.