.02 Conditions for Provider Participation.

A. A therapeutic behavioral service provider shall:

(1) Ensure that therapeutic behavioral aides are trained and supervised in:

(a) Principles of behavior change and childhood development;

(b) Clinically accepted techniques for decreasing or eliminating maladaptive behaviors;

(c) Implementing a behavioral plan;

(d) Identifying the needs and characteristics of the recipient; and

(e) Documenting interventions and outcomes;

(2) If the therapeutic aide is not licensed or certified by a health practice licensure board to practice independently, ensure that a licensed healthcare practitioner shall:

(a) Meet at least once every 2 weeks with the aide and review the progress and develop a plan of care for each recipient assigned to the aide; and

(b) At least once a month, observe the recipient's progress and needs with the recipient's parent or guardian; and

(3) Provide a written progress note that is completed for each time period that a therapeutic behavioral aide spends with the recipient and includes:

(a) The location, date, start time, and end time of the service;

(b) The name of the parent, guardian, or individual who customarily provides care present during the service;

(c) A brief description of the service provided, including reference to the behavioral plan;

(d) A description of the recipient's behaviors or symptoms; and

(e) The signature of the behavioral aide.

B. General requirements for provider participation in the Program are set forth in COMAR 10.09.36.