.06 Payment Procedures.

A. Request for Payment.

(1) An enrolled provider shall submit a request for payment of services rendered and completed under this chapter according to procedures established by the Department. The Department reserves the right to return to the provider, before payment, all payment requests not properly prepared or submitted.

(2) The provider shall submit a request for payment in the manner specified by the Department. The completed form shall indicate the:

(a) Date or dates of service;

(b) Participant's name and Medical Assistance number;

(c) Provider's name, location, and provider number; and

(d) Nature, unit or units, and procedure code or codes of covered services provided.

B. The Program may not make direct payment to the participant.

C. Billing time limitations for services covered under this chapter are the same as those set forth in COMAR

D. Reimbursement for transportation services shall be $12.50 per one way trip, of which the State portion is certified by the Maryland State Department of Education.