.03 Conditions for Participation.

A. General requirements for participation in the Program are that a provider shall meet all conditions for participation as set forth in COMAR

B. Specific requirements for participation in the Program as a free-standing dialysis facility include all of the following:

(1) Be approved by Medicare to furnish dialysis service to kidney disease patients and maintain documentation of certification by the Division of Survey and Certification of CMS.

(2) Verify the licenses and credentials of all professionals employed by, or under contract with, the free-standing dialysis facility to provide services.

(3) Meet the requirements of COMAR, for a dialysis facility, home dialysis unit, or self-care dialysis facility, or all of the above.

(4) Have clearly defined, written, patient care policies.

(5) Maintain adequate documentation of each participant visit, as part of the plan of care, which, at a minimum, shall include:

(a) Date of service;

(b) Participantís reason for visit;

(c) A brief description of service provided;

(d) A legible signature and printed or typed name of professional providing care, with the appropriate title.

(6) Have written, effective procedures for infection control which are known to all levels of staff as specified in COMAR 10.06.01.

(7) Maintain adequate administrative and medical records which are defined as having documentation sufficient in quantity, scope, and detail to confirm that the free-standing dialysis facility services are provided in accordance with this regulation.

(8) Not employ or contract with a person, partnership, or corporation which the Program has disqualified from providing or supplying services to Medical Assistance participants.

(9) Be approved by the Medical Assistance Program in the state in which the service is provided.