.04 Staffing Requirements.

A. The medical day care center shall have adequate staffing capability to monitor the participants at all times. The composition of the staff depends in part on the needs of the participants and on the number of participants the medical day care center serves. At a minimum, the medical day care center shall meet the requirements of COMAR

B. The medical day care center shall also have:

(1) A full-time or part-time licensed social worker, who has at least 1 year of experience providing services to adults in a health care setting; and

(2) A full-time, part-time, or contractual medical director who:

(a) Has 1 year of experience in the care of impaired adults; and

(b) May function as the primary care provider for those participants who do not have a primary care provider, consult with staff regarding a participantís condition and medical needs, and assist with the development of the medical day care centerís health care policies.

C. The medical day care center is required under COMAR 10.12.04 to have a director who has a bachelor's degree or is a registered nurse. When the director is not a registered nurse, the center shall designate a health director who is a registered nurse. The health director shall:

(1) Establish, develop, and amend the center's health care policies and procedures;

(2) Supervise health care services;

(3) Manage the delivery of all required health care services to ensure that needed services are provided in a timely manner by appropriate personnel consistent with each individual's plan of care; and

(4) Consult with other health care providers to coordinate care, services, and referrals.