.09 Cause for Suspension or Removal and Imposition of Sanctions.

A. If the Department determines that a provider, pharmacist, any agent or employee of the provider, or any person with an ownership interest in the provider has failed to comply with applicable federal or State laws or regulations, the Department may initiate one or more of the following actions against the responsible party:

(1) Suspension from Program;

(2) Withholding of payment by the Program;

(3) Removal from the Program;

(4) Disqualification from future participation in the Program, either as a provider or as a person providing services for which Program payment will be claimed.

B. If the Secretary of Health and Human Services suspends or removes a provider from participation in Medicare, the Department will take similar action.

C. The Department may consult with the State Pharmaceutical Association, the State Board of Pharmacy, and the Peer Review Committee of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland. The findings and recommendations of these groups will be given consideration.

D. The Department will give the provider reasonable notice of its intentions to impose sanctions. In the written notice, the Department will establish the effective date and the reasons for the proposed action, and advise the provider of the right to appeal.

E. Any provider voluntarily withdrawing from the Program or removed or suspended from the Program according to this section shall notify recipients that he no longer honors Medical Assistance cards before rendering additional services.