.03 Conditions for Participation.

A. General requirements for participation in the Program are that a provider shall meet all conditions for participation as set forth in COMAR

B. Specific requirements for participation in the Program as a physicians' services provider require that the provider:

(1) Shall submit documentation of consultant-specialist status if applying for that status;

(2) May not place a restriction on a recipient's right to select providers of his or her choice;

(3) May not knowingly employ or contract with a person, partnership, or corporation which has been disqualified from the Program to provide or supply services to Medical Assistance recipients unless prior written approval has been received from the Department;

(4) Shall agree to personally sign all requests for laboratory or other diagnostic services, or to require that copies of personally signed order sheets be supplied to participating providers of these services;

(5) Shall agree, when requesting laboratory or other diagnostic services, to supply his or her individual practitioner identification (rendering) number to those participating providers;

(6) Shall agree to identify by the individual physician practitioner's identification number each physician assistant who is authorized by the physician to request laboratory services; and

(7) Shall comply with the requirements for the delivery of mental health services in accordance with COMAR 10.09.59 and 10.67.08.