.32 Infection Control.

A. The hospice house shall maintain an infection control program that protects patients, staff, and others by preventing and controlling infections and communicable diseases.

B. The hospice house shall follow accepted standards of practice to prevent the transmission of infections and communicable diseases, including the use of standard precautions.

C. The infection control program shall include the following:

(1) Education of employees, contracted providers, patients, and family members about infection control, including their role in preventing the spread of infection and communicable diseases through daily activities;

(2) Techniques for hand washing, respiratory protections, asepsis, as well as other means for limiting the spread of contagion;

(3) Measures for the:

(a) Screening and evaluation of health care workers, including all hospice staff, volunteers, and contract workers, including agency nurses and housekeeping staff for communicable diseases; and

(b) Evaluation of staff and volunteers exposed to patients with non-treated communicable diseases; and

(4) Monitoring staff for compliance with hospice policies and procedures related to infection control.