.26 Common Use Areas.

A. Common Areas. The hospice house shall provide common areas for the use of patients and families. The common areas shall be of a size and furnished to accommodate the number of family members reasonably expected to attend the number of patients provided for by the hospice house capacity.

B. Public Toilets. The hospice house shall provide public restrooms that are sufficient in number, and appropriately located, to serve family members and visitors.

C. Dining Area. The hospice house shall provide a well-lit, adequately ventilated, and appropriately furnished dining area for the use of patients, families, and visitors.

D. Kitchen. The hospice house shall have a kitchen that has adequate:

(1) Storage, refrigerator, and freezer space for perishable and nonperishable foods;

(2) Food preparation area or areas with cleanable surfaces;

(3) Space and equipment to wash, sanitize, and store utensils;

(4) Space to store and clean garbage cans within or outside the kitchen;

(5) Ice making capabilities; and

(6) Equipment for the preparation of food.