.16 Patientís Rights.

A. In addition to all other rights as a hospice patient, the patient residing in a hospice house has the right to:

(1) Privacy, including the right to have a staff member knock on the patientís door before entering;

(2) Be free from mental abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse, neglect, involuntary seclusion, and exploitation;

(3) Be free from physical and chemical restraints;

(4) Manage personal financial affairs;

(5) Maintain legal counsel;

(6) Attend or not attend religious services as the patient chooses, and receive visits from members of the clergy;

(7) Possess and use personal clothing and other personal effects to a reasonable extent, and to have reasonable security for those effects in accordance with the hospice houseís security policy;

(8) Retain personal clothing and possessions as space permits with the understanding that the hospice house may limit the number of personal possessions retained at the facility for the health and safety of other patients;

(9) Meet or visit privately with any individual the patient chooses in accordance with patient and facility safety; and

(10) Have reasonable access to the private use of a telephone within the facility.

B. Notice of Patientís Rights. The hospice house shall:

(1) Place a copy of the patientís rights as set forth in this regulation, in a conspicuous location, plainly visible and easily read by patients, staff, and visitors; and

(2) Provide a copy to the patient and patientís representative on admission.