.21 Patient's Rights.

A. The hospice care program shall provide the patient or representative with a written notice of the patient's rights in advance of furnishing care. Documentation verifying receipt of and understanding of this information shall be included as part of the patient's record.

B. The patient has the right to:

(1) Be treated with consideration and respect for individual dignity;

(2) Confidentiality in all aspects of service or treatment;

(3) Privacy;

(4) Be free from physical or mental abuse;

(5) Participate in the planning of the patient's hospice care;

(6) Formulate advance directives as provided under State law;

(7) Have all personal property treated with respect;

(8) Refuse care and services, including continued participation in the hospice care program;

(9) Be informed of short-term inpatient care options available for pain control, management, and respite;

(10) Be informed of the hospice care program's discharge policy;

(11) Make complaints or grievances to the hospice care program, government agencies, or other persons without threat or fear of retaliation; and

(12) Be informed orally and in writing, before care is initiated, of the extent to which payment may be expected from the patient, third-party payers, and any other source of funding known to the hospice care program.

C. The hospice care program shall ensure that all employees and volunteers respect the rights of a patient.