.05 Inspection by the Department.

A. A licensee, or a program seeking licensure under this chapter, shall be open at all times to inspection by the Department, and any agency designated by the Secretary, to conduct an inspection.

B. The Department may:

(1) Periodically inspect a hospice care program for compliance with this chapter; and

(2) Conduct complaint investigations involving alleged licensure violations.

C. Noncompliance.

(1) If the Secretary determines that a hospice care program fails to meet any provision of this chapter, the Secretary shall:

(a) Advise the hospice care program of the exact nature of the violation; and

(b) Require that the hospice care program specify what corrective action it is taking and monitor the hospice care program to ensure that it takes corrective action.

(2) This section does not preclude the Secretary from imposing any of the sanctions set forth in Regulation .27 of this chapter.