.03 Application Procedure.

A. A person desiring to convert an existing facility, or to change the classification of an existing hospital to a limited service hospital, shall file an application with the Secretary, on a written or electronic form provided by the Secretary.

B. An application on behalf of a corporation, association, or governmental unit or agency shall be made by two officers of the corporation, association, or governmental unit or agency. The names of their board members shall be submitted. Ownership of property, real estate, and equipment shall be disclosed if owned by other than the applicant. The names of persons holding 2 percent or more of the stock or assets of the limited service hospital shall be disclosed.

C. Along with the application, the applicant shall provide:

(1) A statement signed by the applicant that the facility will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;

(2) A plan describing the services to be provided by the facility, including but not limited to the following:

(a) Types and scope of services,

(b) A description of staff, including the number and types of health care professionals who will be on duty at all times, and

(c) Qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of personnel;

(3) A written description of the facility's quality assurance program which includes, at a minimum:

(a) A description of how the facility will comply with Regulation .06A of this chapter, and

(b) The manner in which information will be collected;

(4) Policies and procedures, including but not limited to the following:

(a) The transfer or referral of patients who require services that are not provided by the facility,

(b) The administration of medicines unique to the needs of the patients,

(c) Infection control procedures,

(d) Development and implementation of a quality assurance program,

(e) Pertinent safety practices, including the control of fire and mechanical hazards, and

(f) Preventive maintenance for equipment in the facility;

(5) Protocols for obtaining specialized services;

(6) Protocols for emergency situations, including:

(a) Procedures for transporting individuals to hospitals or other health care facilities, and

(b) Plans to ensure that there will be sufficient nurses and other health professionals with appropriate training on duty to provide advanced life support;

(7) A statement of the facility's role in the Emergency Medical Services System as approved by the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems; and

(8) A statement that the facility's emergency services are available to all persons regardless of ability to pay.

D. Fee. An application shall be accompanied by the nonrefundable license fee of $1,000.

E. Issuance of a License. The Department shall issue a license to a facility that meets the requirements of this chapter.