.13 Emergency Procedures.

A. The program shall develop an emergency plan and procedures that shall be followed in the event of an internal or external emergency.

B. The emergency plan and procedures shall;

(1) Be updated annually; and

(2) Include:

(a) Easily accessible emergency telephone numbers posted at or near a telephone for:

(i) Fire;

(ii) Police;

(iii) Ambulance;

(iv) Poison control; and

(v) The program’s on-call staff;

(b) An emergency evacuation procedure that is explained to the residents and practiced by residents and staff on all shifts at a minimum of once every 3 months;

(c) Provisions for emergency lighting and fire detection and suppression systems operable during loss of power as required by the Maryland State Fire Code;

(d) A 3-day emergency food and water supply; and

(e) A relocation plan in the event that the facility is partially or entirely vacated, which shall include:

(i) A plan for transportation of the residents, at the facility’s expense, to relocate the residents;

(ii) A process for transfer of the medical records information for the residents in a manner to protect the residents’ privacy;

(iii) A system to track where and how the resident was transported;

(iv) How families will be notified, if desired by the resident; and

(v) Provisions that provide for any other associated costs at the facility’s expense.