.12 Physical Environment Requirements.

A. A limited private inpatient facility shall have a building that:

(1) Meets all relevant federal, State, or local ordinances, laws, regulations, and building codes; and

(2) Provides sufficient space for group and individual therapies, dining equipped with tables and chairs for resident meal service, and administrative services.

B. The areas of the facility shall:

(1) Be well-lit and adequately ventilated;

(2) Be easily accessible;

(3) Be maintained in good repair, safe, clean, and free of insects and rodents and hazards;

(4) Provide a central heating system that can maintain the facility at a comfortable temperature;

(5) Be furnished with sufficient, appropriate, and functional furnishings, equipment, supplies, and utensils for use by the residents;

(6) Be equipped with working smoke detectors and fire extinguishers and meets all requirements of the Maryland State Fire Code;

(7) Provide a secure storage area for medications if a resident has been determined capable of self-administration of medication and for residents’ funds and valuables;

(8) Have a telephone in the residence where residents can make calls and speak privately;

(9) Provide a space where residents may visit privately with friends and family; and

(10) Provide adequate general use space for therapy, activities, and recreation.

C. Bedroom Area. The facility shall ensure that a bedroom has:

(1) A minimum of:

(a) 80 usable square feet for a single bedroom; and

(b) 180 usable square feet for a double-occupancy bedroom;

(2) A door;

(3) Closet space and two drawers in a chest or dresser per resident;

(4) Window coverings for privacy;

(5) A bed with a clean mattress and pillow;

(6) A locked drawer or other secured storage for resident’s personal belongings; and

(7) No more than two residents per bedroom.

D. Toilet and Bathing Facilities. The facility shall ensure that the facility provides easily accessible and conveniently located toilet and bathing areas that allow for individual privacy and that:

(1) Are supplied with hand soap, toilet tissue, and hand towels or an electric hand dryer;

(2) Provide hot and cold running water with hot water being a minimum of 100°F and a maximum of 120°F;

(3) Are equipped with operable mechanical exhaust ventilation; and

(4) Provide at least:

(a) One hand sink and one toilet for every 8 residents; and

(b) One tub or shower for every 12 residents.

E. The facility shall ensure that a resident is provided per week, or more frequently if necessary or if requested by the resident, with at least:

(1) Two sets of linens;

(2) Two towels; and

(3) Two washcloths.

F. The facility shall provide for personal privacy in all bathrooms and in multiple occupancy bedrooms unless otherwise determined in the resident’s individual treatment plan.