.11 Staffing.

A. Required Staff. The facility director shall ensure that the facilityís staff is sufficient in numbers and qualifications to provide clinically appropriate services to the individuals served and includes, at a minimum:

(1) A facility director that is responsible for the programmatic and administrative services of the facility under the direction of the governing body;

(2) A clinical director who:

(a) Is a psychiatrist or psychologist who receives medical supervision by a psychiatrist; and

(b) Has overall responsibility for clinical services, including, at a minimum:

(i) Establishing and maintaining appropriate standards for diagnosis and treatment, including therapeutic modalities and prescribing practices;

(ii)Medical aspects of quality management; and

(iii) Ensuring adequate clinical supervision of treatment staff;

(3) A multidisciplinary licensed mental health professional staff that:

(a) Provides evaluation and treatment services; and

(b) Is in addition to the limited private inpatient facility psychiatrist;

(4) A licensed nurse to provide for medication management, treatments, and other health care needs;

(5) Other direct care employees to provide for the treatment and monitoring of residents as required by the residentís individual treatment plan;

(6) A physician to provide somatic medical services as required by the clients; and

(7) Maintenance and housekeeping staff who are trained and qualified to provide a well-maintained, safe, and sanitary environment for residents served by the program.

B. Staff Training. Before providing services to residents, staff shall receive orientation and annual training as designated by the facility service plan including, at a minimum, training in:

(1) Crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques;

(2) Suicide prevention, including but not limited to identification of warning signs and symptoms;

(3) The facilityís disaster and fire safety plan;

(4) First aid, CPR, and emergency medical procedures; and

(5) Individual rights, as set forth in Health-General Article, Title 10, Subtitle 7, Annotated Code of Maryland.