.64 Hearings.

A. A request for a hearing shall be filed with the Office of Administrative Hearings, with a copy to the Office of Health Care Quality of the Department, not later than 30 days after receipt of notice of the Secretary's action. The request shall include a copy of the Secretary's action.

B. A hearing requested under this chapter shall be conducted in accordance with State Government Article, Title 10, Subtitle 2, Annotated Code of Maryland, and COMAR 10.01.03 and 28.02.01.

C. The burden of proof is as provided in COMAR

D. Unless otherwise stated in this chapter, the Office of Administrative Hearings shall issue a proposed decision within the time frames set forth in COMAR 28.02.01.

E. The aggrieved person may file exceptions as provided in COMAR

F. A final decision by the Secretary shall be issued in accordance with COMAR