.20 Dietary Services.

A. Adequacy of Diet. The food and nutritional needs of patients shall be met according to physician's orders.

B. Therapeutic Diets.

(1) The therapeutic diet prescribed by the attending physician shall be prepared and served as part of the course of treatment of the patient. If the dietary requirement is beyond the capability of the facility, other arrangements for the nutritional needs shall be made by the health care facility physician.

(2) A diet manual approved by the physician or dietitian shall be available.

C. Frequency and Quality of Meals. At least three meals or their equivalent shall be served daily, at regular times, with not more than a 14-hour interval between the evening meal and breakfast.

D. Planning of Menus. Menus shall be planned in advance and food sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of residents shall be prepared as planned for each meal. When menu changes are necessary, substitutions shall provide equal nutritional value.

E. Preparation of Food. Food shall be prepared by methods that conserve nutritive value, flavor, and appearance, and shall be served at proper temperature.

F. Compliance with COMAR 10.15.03 Food Service Facilities. Food service personnel shall comply with Maryland Department of Health COMAR 10.15.03 Food Service Facilities.