.17 Medical Examination and Evaluation Process.

A. Written policies and procedures shall be developed and maintained in consultation with representatives of the medical staff, nursing service, and administration governing the provisions for the control of the sick call process and referral services. They shall address the following:

(1) Screening Procedures.

(a) Routine handling of patient complaints;

(b) Non-routine handling of patient complaints.

(2) Reporting Procedure. A responsible staff member to whom an inmate can report injuries, symptoms of illness, and emergencies shall be on duty at all times and be immediately accessible.

(3) Complaint Procedure. Complaints of illness or injury shall be recorded in the inmate's clinical record together with the treatment prescribed.

(4) Examination Procedure. The procedure shall specify where the examination area is located as well as who is to perform the examination.

(5) Procedures to be followed by the correctional officer in attendance.