.02 Definitions.

A. "Communicable disease programs" means the provision of services that will assist in the prevention of communicable disease.

B. "Department" means the Maryland Department of Health.

C. "Health care facility" means a specified area within the correctional institution in which general and clinical health care services are provided to inmates in the custody of the Division of Corrections.

D. "Health care program" means a document prepared by the facility and approved by the Department which lists the following:

(1) The number of beds;

(2) Organizational structure;

(3) A description of the care, treatment, and services provided for inmates;

(4) Admission policies;

(5) Discharge and referral policies and procedures;

(6) The staffing pattern by shifts;

(7) The job classification and job descriptions of each employee.

E. "Inpatient" means an inmate not requiring acute hospital care but requiring services of licensed nursing personnel or supportive services which he cannot perform for himself.

F. "Referred services" means those appropriate services provided to inmates based on individual medical needs in the area of psychiatric services, dental care, or emergency care.

G. "Sick call" means the medical care provided to inmates not classified as inpatients but who have expressed a need for medical attention or who have been referred to the health care facility by the appropriate personnel in the correctional institution.