.10 Personnel.

A. All professional personnel employed by or conducting business with a home health agency shall be licensed or duly authorized to conduct the business under the laws and regulations of the State.

B. The home health agency shall have written policies on qualifications, responsibilities, and requirements for employment for each classification of personnel, including licensure where required.

C. The policies of the home health agency shall, at a minimum, provide for:

(1) Wage and salary schedules;

(2) Eligibility for vacation, sick leave, and other fringe benefits;

(3) In-service training and orientation of all personnel in the objectives, policies, and functions of the agency, including grievance procedures; and

(4) Job descriptions for each classification of personnel.

D. The policies of the home health agency shall be reviewed annually and revised as necessary.

E. The home health agency shall maintain a complete and current personnel record for each employee and volunteer, which, at a minimum, shall include:

(1) A certification that the employee is free from tuberculosis in a communicable form as provided in Regulation .14, of this chapter, only if the employee or volunteer:

(a) Will be involved in the direct care of tuberculosis patients, or

(b) Is an immigrant from Africa, Asia, or Latin America;

(2) Evidence of current licensure, certification, or registration, as appropriate;

(3) Evidence of the individual's qualifications for the position; and

(4) Periodic performance evaluations.