.12 Resident Relocation and Bed Hold.

A. Notification of Resident Relocation Within a Facility.

(1) Except in emergency situations or when it is documented in the resident's record that a resident's physical, clinical, or psychological well-being would be jeopardized, a nursing facility shall notify a resident or, when applicable, the resident's representative or interested family member, if available, in writing at least 30 days before the resident is relocated within a facility or to a different part of a facility, unless the resident or, if the resident is incapacitated, the resident's legally authorized representative, agrees to the relocation and this is documented in the resident's record.

(2) Under the limited conditions set forth in §A(1) of this regulation where 30-days notice cannot be provided in advance of a relocation, the facility shall document that it has provided notice of the relocation as soon as practicable.

(3) When a resident is relocated, the facility shall elicit and make reasonable efforts to comply with the resident's request of location and, if applicable, assignment of roommate.

B. A resident's right to refuse a change in room assignment under §A of this regulation does not affect the resident's eligibility or entitlement to Medicaid benefits.

C. Notice.

(1) Notice of Bed-Hold Policy at the Time of Admission. At the time of admission, a nursing facility shall provide written information to a resident or, when applicable, the resident's representative or interested family member, describing the facility's bed-hold policy, including the period of time during which the resident is permitted to return and resume residence in the nursing facility.

(2) Notice of Bed-Hold Policy at Time of Transfer. At the time of transfer of a resident to a hospital or for therapeutic leave, a nursing facility shall provide a written notice to the resident, or when applicable, the resident's representative or interested family member, which specifies the duration of the bed-hold policy described in §C of this regulation.

D. Permitting a Resident to Return to the Nursing Facility. When a resident's hospitalization or therapeutic leave exceeds the bed-hold period under the State Medicaid plan, the resident has a right to be readmitted to the nursing facility immediately upon the first availability of a bed in a semiprivate room if the resident:

(1) Requires the services provided by the nursing facility; and

(2) Is eligible for Medicaid coverage for the nursing facility's services.

E. Unless the bed hold has expired, for purposes of this regulation, transfer includes the refusal of a nursing facility to accept the return of a resident who was previously transferred from the nursing facility:

(1) Whose bed at the nursing facility was continuously reserved or required to be reserved through payment to the nursing facility from any source; or

(2) Who had an application for medical assistance pending at the time of the transfer if there is no reason to believe that the application will not be approved.

F. Transfer and Discharge Planning. In addition to the requirements of Regulation .11 of this chapter, a nursing facility shall provide, in all cases, orientation and planning to residents to ensure safe and orderly transfer of discharge from the nursing facility.