.21 Physical Environment.

A. Construction and Zoning. The freestanding medical facility shall comply with the following construction and zoning requirements:

(1) All federal, State, and local building, construction and zoning laws; and

(2) "Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospital and Healthcare Facilities, (2001 Edition)," Section 9.6 Freestanding Emergency Facility and other applicable sections.

B. Fire Safety.

(1) The facility shall comply with the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code and applicable local fire prevention codes that are in effect at the time of plans review and construction.

(2) The local fire authority for the proposed facility shall review construction plans and conduct an initial inspection to verify compliance with fire safety requirements before use and occupancy.

(3) An annual fire inspection of the facility is required for license renewal.

C. Housekeeping.

(1) The freestanding medical facility shall be clean and maintained in good repair at all times.

(2) The facility shall employ sufficient staff to provide housekeeping and maintenance services, or the services may be provided under a contractual arrangement.

(3) The facility shall be maintained in a manner that is safe and free of pests or other hazards.

D. Equipment Maintenance.

(1) The freestanding medical facility shall have a preventive maintenance program for all facility systems and equipment.

(2) The facility shall maintain records of preventive maintenance performed and of all service repairs.

(3) Appropriately trained staff employed by the facility or under contractual arrangements shall perform maintenance of clinical equipment.

E. All entrances, including ambulance entrances, shall be clearly marked and accessible at all times.

F. There shall be a sheltered area for off-loading patients from ambulances.

G. The facility shall store and dispose of trash and medical waste consistent with all federal and State laws and regulations.