.14 Pharmacy Services.

A. Pharmacy services for freestanding medical facility patients may be provided by:

(1) The facility's affiliated hospital; or

(2) A contracted pharmacy.

B. The freestanding medical facility that does not have 24-hour a day, 7-day a week outpatient pharmacy services, shall provide its patients with a list of community pharmacies that offer service 24-hours per day.

C. The facility's pharmacy services shall be provided and operated consistent with all applicable State and federal laws.

D. The freestanding medical facility shall maintain a supply of medications consistent with the "Suggested Pharmacological and Therapeutic Drugs for Emergency Departments", ACEP Policy Statement Emergency Department Planning and Resources Guidelines, Page 11.

E. The facility shall ensure that all drugs and pharmaceuticals are stored securely and maintained within the acceptable level of humidity and temperature.

F. Data and other information about quality oversight of the pharmacy services shall be available to the Department for review and monitoring.