.06 Inspections.

A. A freestanding medical facility shall be open to inspection at all times by the Department for annual licensure surveys, revisit surveys, and complaint investigations.

B. Licensure Standards. When conducting a licensure or complaint survey, the Department shall use this chapter as well as the:

(1) Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization, 2006 Hospital Accreditation Standards;

(2) COMAR 10.07.06;

(3) COMAR, .26 and .33; and

(4) ACEP Policy Statement: Emergency Department Planning and Resources Guidelines.

C. Responsibility of the Freestanding Medical Facility. The facility shall make the following documents available for review by the Department:

(1) Policies and procedures;

(2) Minutes of committee meetings; and

(3) Data and documentation related to oversight of the freestanding medical facility at the affiliated hospital.