.20 Sanctions.

A. If the Secretary determines that an agency has violated this chapter, the Secretary, in addition to the sanctions set forth in Regulations .21.27 of this chapter may:

(1) Restrict the number of clients the agency may serve;

(2) Limit the types of clients an agency may serve;

(3) Require the licensee, and any of its staff, to receive remedial instruction in a specific area;

(4) Require the agency to use the services of a management firm that is approved by the Department;

(5) Mandate staffing patterns that specify the number of personnel or personnel qualifications, or both;

(6) Direct the licensee to correct the violations in a specific manner or within a specified timeframe;

(7) Notify, or require the agency to notify, the client, the client representative, or the family of any client who is affected by the noncompliance;

(8) Increase the frequency of monitoring visits during a specified period of time; or

(9) Establish certain conditions for continued operation, including time limits for continued operation and for compliance.

B. If the Secretary determines that the licensee has violated a condition or requirement of an imposed sanction, the Secretary may suspend or revoke the license.

C. A licensee aggrieved by the imposition of a sanction under §A(1) or (2) or B of this regulation may appeal the Secretary’s action by filing a request for a hearing in accordance with Regulation .28 of this chapter.