.19 Special Requirements for the Provision of Home Medical Equipment Services.

A. An agency that provides home medical equipment services shall meet the requirements of this regulation in addition to meeting the requirements of Regulations .01—.16 of this chapter.

B. Education and Training. When an agency provides home medical equipment services, the agency shall:

(1) Ensure that its personnel demonstrate competency in delivering and installing the equipment;

(2) Provide education, training, and written instructions to the client, the client representative, or the individual caring for the client on the use of the equipment at the time of installation; and

(3) Provide the client, client representative, or the individual caring for the client the telephone number of the agency in the event of equipment failure or emergency.

C. Upon request, an agency shall provide the prescribing physician with a copy of the:

(1) Qualifications, duties, and responsibilities of agency personnel who deliver the home medical equipment services; and

(2) Instructions given to the client and the client’s caregivers.

D. Client Records. The agency shall maintain a client record for each client receiving home medical equipment services in accordance with industry standards, including but not limited to:

(1) Physician order for the provision of home medical equipment services;

(2) Any significant change of condition;

(3) Services provided; and

(4) Any other pertinent information regarding the client being served.

E. An agency shall ensure that the installation, maintenance, repair, and storage of home medical equipment comply with the manufacturer’s specifications.