.06 Public Representation.

A. An agency shall include the following information in all of the agency’s advertising and marketing materials:

(1) The agency’s license number; and

(2) The statement “Licensed as a residential service agency by the Maryland Department of Health, Office of Health Care Quality”.

B. Misleading or False Advertising.

(1) A person may not advertise, represent, or imply to the public that an agency is authorized to provide a service that the agency is not licensed, certified, or otherwise authorized by the Department to provide under this chapter.

(2) A person may not advertise an agency in a misleading or fraudulent manner.

(3) A person licensed as an agency may not advertise that it is licensed as a hospice, home health agency, or nursing referral service agency unless it is separately licensed with the Department as such.

C. A person who violates this regulation is subject to referral for criminal prosecution and imposition of civil money penalties in accordance with Regulations .21—.23 of this chapter.